Registration Help

Online registration of your Event, Pageant or service is only the beginning. Below is a short walk through of the current process. As we advance, there may be some changes, but for now the first step is to create (or update, if you were sent and invitation) an account for your Event, Pageant (Event member) or service (Associate member) and pay your dues for the upcoming year.

Creating your account

Once you get your invitation and click the link, you will be asked to create a password


If you click the “Join Our Group” link on the website, it will ask you to create an account

***Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and include at least 1 number.

       ***Please do not use a password that is common to other accounts that you have

You will be presented with three sections of information:
“My Profile” – “Contact” – “Location”

Each with an “Edit” button on right hand side (see screenshot below)

Click “Edit” on each section to finish your profile info.
Fields with a red asterisk* are mandatory.

Even if you prefer to mail in your application, all of these fields will still be asked for on the forms you will receive and needed for membership.

Below are some guidelines for each of these three sections:

My Profile section

You can skip — gender, surname, etc if you prefer.
Again, some fields are “hard coded” into the MemberPlanet database and will be shown, but we have set it up that they are not mandatory.

Contact section

This is your (person responsible for event management) info. Event information will be completed in another section later in the process.

Two important required fields – your email and phone.

You can use more than one email – but all correspondence or contact will go to the primary email account.

Use the drop down menu to choose type of phone, whichever phone you choose, please make sure you can be reached at that number for any questions or business connected to your event.

This will be used by WVAFF to contact you and will not be made public, but will be available to other members in the WVAFF group on the MemberPlanet portal. There will be an option to publicize your event’s contact phone, later in the process.

If you use your cell phone, you will be asked on the registration form if you would like to receive text updates at the convention or throughout the year. Message and data rates may apply. In other words, when you use our text message services, the only cost to you is whatever your wireless provider charges you to send and receive text messages. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, then you don’t have to worry. We will supply you with our phone number later, so you will know the text messages that will be coming from us.

Unless you have a personal website – ignore the website field, as you will be asked later for your events website.

It is your choice if you choose to use social media info – it could be useful later if you choose to share your festivals info on your personal social media accounts.


This is your address – not the event address. You will be asked for the event address later.

Change Time Zone to appropriate choice.

Click continue on bottom right screen.

Additional Information

You are now at the Additional information screen – this is the important information that is needed to help promote your Event, Pageant (if applicable) or service throughout the year on the updated website and social media channels.

This section contains information for both types of WVAFF members – “Event members” and “Associate members”.

“Event members” will start at the top and complete all applicable information until they reach the

“—- Update your Associate Member Details here —- “,

this is where the “Event member” information ends and the application for “Associate members” begin.

Again, filling out all of the fields will help us to promote your events or services throughout the year.

After completing the “Additional Information” section, you will arrive at membership level option screen.

Your choices will be for an Event Member or Associate member.

After choosing the appropriate member level completion, you will arrive at the payment screen.

All major credit cards or E-checks are accepted.

If you use a credit card – Payment will be shown as “MemberPlanet” not WVAFF.

You can choose “Auto Renewal” or “Manual Payment” (see screen shots below).

If you use a credit card – Payment will be shown to “MemberPlanet” instead of WVAFF.

If you are not ready to pay at this time, you can use the “Logout” button at the top of the screen. If you choose to logout and pay later, you will have a Memberplanet account, but you will not be part of the WVAFF group – you must supply payment for that. You will be required to log back in and continue the payment process to join the WVAFF group.​