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Below is some basic information about the layout and content pages of the current WVAFF website. Just like many other current websites, it was designed to be “responsive” – a consistent viewing experience no matter what type of device you are using – and contains “static” web pages and a blog.  We plan on using the “blog” part of the site to keep you current on WVAFF and WVAFF member news.

Our current homepage is based on “blog” posts and will show the latest 10 posts as links on the homepage, so scrolling down the homepage will supply you with a quick update on current WVAFF and WVAFF member activity. More navigation details (with screenshots) are at the bottom of this post.

If your information is not on the current site, or is not correct, it is probably due to one of the following reasons:

  • You had not renewed your membership for 2018 at the time the site was updated
  • You renewed your membership, but have not updated your info on memberplanet
  • We missed it or input the wrong info while putting all of this together

Regardless of the reason, all of the info pertaining to you (Event or Associate member) was gathered from any updates that you made – or did not make – on your memberplanet account at the time that this site was being put together. Again, the information for your online account is based off of the paper form that someone had to fill out and send in every year . This just alleviates the need to fill out the whole form every year, but your info still needs updated to be correct on the current WVAFF website.

There will always be some things that get caught in between your updates and our updates on the website, but we need your help to make sure that we keep those to a minimum and that they get corrected.

So, if you are an Event member, we need you to check the following to make sure your information is accurate:

Member Calendar blog post
Event Dates webpage
Event Members-Alphabetical webpage

If you are an Associate member, we need you to check the information to make sure your information is accurate:

Associate Members-Alphabetical webpage
Associate Members-Category webpage

If you have corrections or questions, you can send an email to to get the update process started.

This layout is a starting point, and was based off of information gathered on your use and navigation of the previous website, and we may make changes to this layout, based on how your use the current site. Below are some screenshots and a basic layout and description of the updated site.

Homepage - overall view

If you were to “zoom out” and look at the whole home page, you would see:

  • The last 10 blog posts in the middle
  • Navigation Menu for web pages in the bottom left corner
  • Links for blog posts in bottom right corner

Once you get to a page or blog post, you should see the “Menu” link (that is highlighted in red in the screenshot below) in the top right corner of the page or post.

Menu highlight

Once you get to a page or blog post, and you see the “Menu” link in the top right corner – if you click or tap on it – you should see the fly out menu that appears in the screen shot below. This is a duplicate of the “text based” menu that you see at the bottom of each page or post.

At the bottom of this menu is a link to the WVAFF social media accounts and a search box that you can use for the WVAFF site.

At the bottom of every page or posts, you should be able to see the additional navigation links for web pages and posts. If you are viewing the site on a small tablet or phone, these items will be stacked one on top of the other – usually with the page navigation first and the blog posts below them

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