Pageant Info

Every convention, we provide for a queen’s competition with the winner being crowned Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals

For general pageant questions or to inquire about appearances by the current Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals, please contact:

Jean Smith
WVAFF State Pageant Director
(304) 768-3932 [home]
(304) 421-3932 [mobile]

2023 Pageant Results – COMING SOON

Phases of Competition

The Miss WVAFF Pageant consists of four phases of competition: personal interview, event promotion, evening gown, and on-stage interview, as described below:

PERSONAL INTERVIEW: Interviews occur either Friday early afternoon or Saturday morning dependent on group assignment. Each contestant will participate in a two (2) minute panel style interview with the judges. Attire for this competition should reflect the choices of the contestant and the event being represented.

Judges will consider poise, communication skills, personality and natural beauty during interview.

EVENT PROMOTION: All contestants will present their Event Promotion (30 second maximum) during the Friday afternoon/evening competition. All contestants will wear:

  1. Matching shirts provided by the Miss WVAFF Pageant.
  2. Blue jeans with NO embellishments
  3. Traditional style white tennis shoes (flat, no wedges or platforms)
  4. Earrings provided by the Miss WVAFF Pageant (no other jewelry may be worn)
  5. Normal makeup and hairstyles that will be seen in either interview or evening gown competition.

Contestants will be judged on their actual presentation as well as the adherence to these rules.

During each presentation a light bar will be on the stage to indicate the time remaining for each presentation. A green light will be on for the first 25 seconds, then a yellow light will come on for 5 seconds. After 30 seconds a RED light will come on. Contestants going over the 30 second time limit will be disqualified from that phase of competition only. NO PROPS ARE PERMITTED!!!!

EVENING GOWN COMPETITION: This third phase of competition will be held on Saturday evening. All evening gowns should be floor length and banners (sashes) should be worn in full wrap style. Attire should reflect the choices of the contestant of the event being represented.

Judging is based on poise, personality, and natural beauty.

TOP 15 – SEMI-FINALISTS: Tabulations from personal interview, event promotion, and evening gown will determine the TOP 15 semi-finalists.

ON-STAGE INTERVIEW: The TOP 15 will participate in an on-stage interview, with questions being taken from the information provided on the contestant fact sheets. Five (5) finalists will be chosen. The judges will cast their final ballot voting considering only the five finalists. The queen and four runner-up positions will be named from the top five finalists.

Miss WVAFF Pageant Eligibility Guidelines

Events wishing to send a representative to the Pageant held at the annual Convention must adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Each fair or festival must be a current member, in good standing, of the WV Association of Fairs & Festivals for the full calendar year prior to entering a Queen in the WVAFF Pageant.
  2. A fair or festival must be an organized entity, operating through a board of directors or committee, having activities in addition to a pageant, for two consecutive years prior to entering a Queen in the WVAFF Pageant.
  3. Membership dues must have been paid on or before September 1 to send a queen contestant.
  4. Member events must have fulfilled their financial obligations to their former queen to be eligible to send a representative to the Miss WV Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant.
  5. A contestant must have a signed contract with the Event they are representing, and a copy should have been emailed within two weeks of the date of the local pageant to WVAFF State Pageant Director.
  6. Events must have at least one delegate registered and attending the convention in addition to the queen and her parents.
  7. Entry Fee for the WVAFF Queens Pageant must be paid by the published deadline.

Notice: Each fair and festival pageant (local pageant) that is conducted by our member events is independently produced under the direction of the member event itself. While the West Virginia Association of Fairs & Festivals does accept eligible representatives as contestants in the state pageant from member events who are in good standing, we have no control or governance over the local pageants themselves.

Information contained herein is current as of October 24, 2021 and subject to change.