Survey and Website Update


Your feedback will guide us in the 2020 Convention planning, so if you have not already done so, please take the time to complete this year’s survey. We need to start working on some details, and possible expansion, of the “Convention” parts for 2020 and possibly utilize more of the space that is available at the Convention Center.

Your feedback will guide us in the planning for 2020 Convention, so please take the time to complete this year’s survey. It will be invaluable in our efforts in planning for the 2020 Convention.

Link to survey


We have updated the following on the WVAFF website:

  • Event Members Alphabetical page
  • Associate Member Alphabetical page
  • Associate Member Category page
  • Pageant Contact page 

We will keep the “Upcoming Member Events” post, which covers upcoming Events and Pageants, as current as possible, but again, we can only work off of the information that you have supplied to us.

This current update was done using the information that was available to us from your memberplanet accounts at that time, in addition to the contact info that was turned in at the Pageant Director’s meeting.

We need you to visit the site and verify that we have the correct data and 2019 dates, and if we have no updated info for your 2019 Event, please let us know, so that we can get it updated soon, as we are trying to get your Event or Associate business more traffic on the web.

Updates need to be emailed to one of the following emails:

Posts or messages sent to the WVAFF Facebook page, or a personal Facebook page, may not get updated in a timely manner.