Event Safety

It’s that time again! Time to put the finishing touches on your upcoming Event. Below are a few items that we have found on the web, and while most of these tips are “common sense” items, it still helps to review and make sure you “check” them off of your list.

Just a note: We aren’t endorsing any of these individuals or sites. These are just items that we have found to refer to.

Common Sense Risk Management

A look from an insurance perspective
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Ways to keep Events safe

Hosting an Event requires the work and assistance of many people. Plan ahead and determine how much help you will need and where it will come from. Also, If you are collecting money or raising funds as part of your event, set up procedures to keep cash safe and secure.

Be Mobile Friendly
A phone charging station could be important nowdays, especially for the younger generation. Teens rely on the help of their parents to not only grant them permission to go to an Event without supervision, but also depend on their parents to transport them to and from the Event. If the area is large enough, set up properly and can accommodate signage, you could find a potential sponsor for an area that actually takes very little set up and maintenance and can become a family “meeting area”.
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10 Do’s and Dont’s

Planning for events can be a complicated process. Here we have a few do’s and dont’s to help you get started and stay on track while planning your next (or first) Event.
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Planning Safe Events

Events certainly do not plan themselves; they take time and effort to plan and prepare. Whether your event raises money or is just for fun, it is likely to bring together large crowds. From large festivals to smaller events, ensure safety precautions are made a priority so everyone enjoys their time and your event is a success.
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