Alexis’ – “Country Road” Trips

Fairmont Veterans Day Parade
Thank you for those who have served, or are serving to protect our country. ❤️ I had the opportunity to donate non perishable food items to the Mountaineer Food Bank, which supplies more than 550 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, after school programs, and youth programs in 48 counties in WV. Keep an eye out for their mobile food pantries in a county near you to make donations.

2020 WV USA and Teen USA
Had such a good time yesterday watching the 2020 Miss WV USA and WV Teen USA Pageant! Congratulations to my former Three Rivers Queen, Charlotte Bellotte , the new Miss WV USA! So excited for you!💛 Congratulations to Sophia Martino, the new Miss WV Teen USA! I can’t wait to watch the both of you take the national stage! I also really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces last night at the pageant!👑 My fabulous jumpsuit is from no other than Oliverio’s Bridal and Prom Boutique!

Buddy Walk
I had such a great day at the 18th annual Buddy Walk, where West Virginia helped make the $35,000 goal! #wvaff #wvaffqueen @ West Virginia State Capitol

Barboursville Fall Fest
Congratulations to the new Barboursville Fall Fest queens, Ibri Trammell and Madison McCartney ! Looking forward to following your year as queens👑 #wvaff #wvaffqueen
Another congratulations to Beverly Mills for such a great pageant! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of it. ☺️

City of Logan
I am so thankful I was able to be featured in this video! The City of Logan was so kind to me during my time at the WV Freedom Festival. I am so lucky being the Association of Fairs and Festivals Queen allowed me to make this trip, and meet so many wonderful people!

Use this link to view if video does not appear below

Made it home just in time to stop by the Parkersburg Homecoming! I had so much fun and got to watch the rubber ducky drop from the river! 🐥 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

Salem Apple Butter Festival
Be sure to check out for applications for all of the pageants. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to compete for the chance to represent such an amazing festival and town ❤️🍎❤️

Another great State Fair of West Virginia has come to an end!

Parkersburg Homecoming Festival
Congratulations and happy birthday Caylie Simmons, the 2019 Parkersburg Homecoming Festival queen! So excited to see you throughout Parkersburg this year!

Another congratulations to Kelsey Hill, you have represented Parkersburg with such grace! Always love seeing you and your momma. ❤️

Belpre Homecoming Festival
Helped judge the Belpre Homecoming Festival children’s pageant today! Thank you Danielle for having me! ☺️

WV Interstate Fair
Had such a great time visiting my hometown fair yesterday. I even got to drive around with Queen Ellie in her side by side!! She also let me hang out in her nice AC camper to cool down… considering it was 100 degrees yesterday, we needed it a few times!😂 Glad I got to see some animals, eat some fair food, watch tractor pulls, see some friends, and have a good time with Garrah, Ellie, their mommas.. and see my favorite, Christy! ❤️
I will always love the WV Interstate Fair, and everything it represents, and I am so lucky I had the opportunity to represent it last year. See ya next year. ❤️

WV Oil and Gas Festival
I had such a great time visiting Sistersville, WV this evening for the WV Oil and Gas Festival Pageant. Congratulations to Ashton Paige Rexroad for becoming the 2019 WV Oil and Gas Festival Queen! 💙 👑It was so good to see so many girls as visiting royalty tonight! I always love catching up with everyone. I want to also congratulate Kelly Simms for putting on such a great pageant! It was so nice to see you, and thank you for my gift. ☺️ see you and Ashton at the festival!

Mountain State Art & Craft Fair
While in Ripley I stopped at the Mountain State Art & Craft Fair. I loved having the opportunity to visit with so many different vendors from our great state. I got to purchase some local jam, honey, and apple toddy drink mix! 💙 #wvaff #wvaffqueen

Ripley 4th of July
I had such a great time in Ripley, for the Ripley 4th of July parade! I hope everyone has a safe, Happy 4th of July. 💙❤️

Thank you, Amber Miller Viars for my dress! It was such a big hit today. Everyone loved discovering the bits of West Virginia throughout it. 💙 #WVAFF #wvaffqueen

WV Freedom Festival
“Welcome to Logan.. the friendliest town in West Virginia” The city of Logan truly lived up to this quote. I can not thank the people of Logan enough for making me feel so special.

I am so honored to have been a part of the 20th West Virginia Freedom Festival. Thank you for providing me with so many memories I will never forget, and allowing me to be apart of your “City of Logan film”. 💙

Thank you to the Mayor, the city council, Amber Miller Viars , and Anna Butcher for being so kind, and providing me with so many goodies to go home with. ✨ Check out this dress Amber so kindly gave me. Notice anything special about it? I can’t wait to take on West Virginia in my new, special “West Virginia dress” 💙💛. This dress meant so much to me. Thank you Geraniums Boutique owners for designing such an awesome dress!

I was also honored enough to ride on a 1961 Vietnam helicopter flown by Mike, a Vietnam veteran. This was an experience I will never forget, and I am very lucky my dad was able to enjoy this ride with me. I loved every minute of my visit in Logan, and I can’t wait to go back! #WVAFF #wvaffqueen

Jackson County Junior Fair
Congratulations Morgan Pursley, the new 2019 Jackson County Jr. Fair Queen! ❤️#WVAFF #wvaffqueen

Paw Paw District Fair
I had so much fun watching the demolition derby at the Paw Paw District Fair! 💗 what’s a Fair without some food? Check out that cheese pull and that blackberry cobbler 😍 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

Camp Echo
Every year I look forward to visiting Camp Echo, but this year really warmed my heart! I was so happy to see so many girls come to Cedar Lakes to visit the campers of Camp Echo! ❤️ I already can’t wait for next year!

Ravenswood Ohio River Festival
Congratulations to the 2019 Ravenswood Ohio River Festival Queen, @megan__renee15 ! I had so much fun attending the pageant today and look forward to seeing all of these ladies around throughout their reign! 💙🐟 #WVAFF #wvaffqueen

WV River and Rails
Congratulations to Autumn Spangler , the new 2019 WV River and Rails Queen! loves getting to see some familiar faces today, Averie Goshert and Shannon Anglin Goshert I had so much fun attending the pageant today and look forward to seeing all of these ladies around throughout their reign! 💙🐟 #WVAFF #wvaffqueen

West Virginia Three Rivers Festival
Made it back to my “home away from home”, Fairmont, for the West Virginia Three Rivers Festival! I have loved this festival ever since I had the opportunity to represent the festival as the 2017 Teen Queen. 💙🎡 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

Spirit of Grafton Celebration
Stopped in Grafton, WV for the Spirit of Grafton Celebration. My dad and I also stopped at the Grafton National Cemetery and picked up the fallen flags from the storm. ❤️ #wvaff #wvaffqueen

WV Three Rivers Festival
Made it back to the WV Three Rivers Festival last night just in time for the pepperoni roll eating contest! Congrats to the winner, Joey Chestnut, for setting the record and eating 43 pepperoni rolls in just 10 minutes! 🍽 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

Ripley 4th of July
Busy weekend of travels, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Congratulations to the new Ripley 4th of July queen, @_kelseyhill_ ! All of the girls were so beautiful! ❤️💙👑 #wvaff #wvaffqueen

West Virginia Strawberry Festival
Had a great day at the West Virginia Strawberry Festival. Started off my morning with strawberry pancakes, and finished the day with the grand feature parade. 🍓👑 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

West Virginia Strawberry Festival
Had so much fun at the West Virginia Strawberry Festival today! I got to meet a dinosaur, compete in the strawberry shortcake eating contest, and meet so many wonderful people. I love buckhannon so much, and I love the WV Strawberry Festival. Can’t wait for tomorrow!🍓👑 #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

WV Riverfest Pageant
Re-post @wvaffqueen – Had a great day traveling to St. Albans for the WV Riverfest Pageant! Congratulations @kayleighhayzlett , the new WV Riverfest Queen. 👑❤️ #Wvaff #wvaffqueen

Wish Upon a Star
Had a great time judging at the 2019 Wish Upon a Star Pageant, hosted by Taylor Randolph! What a great turn out, for such a great cause. 💙

Woodchucks 4H Club
Spent time on a beautiful spring morning over the weekend collecting trash for Adopt-A-Highway with the Woodchucks 4H Club. 🍀#wvaff #wvaffqueen

Spirit of Grafton
Congratulations, @_tiffanialexis_for capturing the title of 2019 Spirit of Grafton Queen. I hope you have a great year!❤️🇺🇸 #wvaff #wvaffqueen 

WV Interstate Fair
Congratulations to the new West Virginia Interstate Fair Queen, @elliemarie24601 ! Ellie was a former WV Interstate Fair Teen Queen, and was lucky enough to be chosen to be their Queen representative. The West Virginia Interstate Fair is a Fair that I hold very close to my heart.  welcome, (again) to the family, Ellie! #wvaff #wvaffqueen

Clendenin Homecoming Festival
Congratulations, @rebeccalynnr on capturing the title of 2019 Clendenin Homecoming Festival Queen, and to Jacqueline for becoming the 2019 Clendenin Homecoming Festival Teen! I hope you both enjoy your year! ❤️ A huge thank you to Heather, for my beautiful cup… I can’t wait to be drinking my coffee in style 😍  #wvaff #wvaffqueen

Spring Mountain Festival Pageant
I had the best time spending the day with the contestants of the 2019 Spring Mountain Festival Pageant! congratulations to Morgan Armentrout for capturing the title!💛 #wvaff #wvaffqueen

Gauley Bridge Celebration Pageant
Today I had the opportunity to judge the Gauley Bridge Celebration Pageant! It was fun being on this side of the stage 👑 #wvaff#wvaffqueen

West Virginia Strawberry Festival
Congratulations to the new West Virginia Strawberry Festival Teen @gracieim2003 and the new West Virginia Strawberry Festival Queen, @cassidy.myers and the new Junior Royalty! I had such a great time in Buckhannon this weekend. 🍓👑❤️ #wvaff #wvaffqueen

West Virginia Three Rivers Festival
I had a great time visiting Fairmont, WV for the West Virginia Three Rivers Festival Pageant. This festival will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤️ Congratulations to @nique1003 and @sophmartino and the new WV Three Rivers Jr Royalty!! Enjoy every minute of this year. ❤️#wvaff #wvaffqueen

WV Sweetheart Festival Pageant
Another great day filled with pageantry! Today I traveled to Sutton West Virginia for the WV Sweetheart Festival Pageant! Congratulations to my former pageant sister, @charlotte.bellotte 💛 Hope you have a great year! • • 
Dress from @oliveriosboutique 🥰 #wvaff#wvaffqueen

WV Chocolate Festival Pageant
Kicked off the pageant season in Ripley tonight. Congratulations to the new West Virginia Chocolate Festival Queen, @courtneywinter_6 , to the Teen Queen, @withrow_abby , and to the Mrs. Queen, Brianna Hurd. You ladies rocked it!🌟 •Dressed by the best: @oliveriosboutique#wvaffqueen#wvaff

Re-post @wvaffqueen – Glad I was able to support the West Virginia Interstate Fair tonight at their fundraising event! #wvaff #wvaffqueen

WV Agriculture and Conservation Day
Had another great day traveling to our State Capitol for West Virginia Agriculture and Conservation Day. 💛 Agriculture is such an important part of West Virginia, and I am lucky I got to spend today getting to find out just how much it impacts every one of us.  #wvaffqueen #wvaff #wvgrown

WVU Extension Day
Re-post @wvaffqueen – Had a great time at the West Virginia State Capitol for WVU Extension Service Day at the Legislature. Great day to be a Mountaineer!