2020 Pageant Video Download

As a reminder, the success of the Pageant’s People Choice Awards last year will allow us to supply each pageant contestant, and the respective Event represented by a Queen this year, with a free digital download copy of the 2020 WVAFF Pageant.

Each Queen will receive a “coupon code email” and the Event contact email address that is listed on the membership site will receive a “coupon code email” so that each may have a digital copy of the 2020 WVAFF Queen’s Pageant.

For those wishing to purchase another copy, we will have a link here when available.

If you have issues at some point, please email wvafftech@gmail.com for help.

Things to remember:

  • There are two videos – one each for Friday and Saturday competitions
  • Video links and codes will go out in phases, so be patient. If you hear that someone already has their code, your email should follow within a few days
  • Codes can only be used once
  • Codes will expire – expiration dates will be in the email
  • Each Queen will receive an email with her coupon
  • “Technically challenged” or individuals with internet connectivity issues
    Someone else can download the video for you if you do not know how or have bandwidth issues. Just forward the coupon code email to someone else and they can use the link and code in the email to download your copy.
  • Important info for the free copy being supplied to the Event
    The email that is listed on the membership site (memberplanet) for your Event will be the email that the coupon code will be sent to – so someone should be watching that email. We currently have some emails that are bouncing back newsletters and other info sent by the Association, so someone should check the membership site to make sure that the email listed is active and is being watched by someone on your Board or involved with your Event.

Below are step by step instructions and screenshots to familiarize you with the screens that you will see when using the coupon codes.

  • Write down your code
  • Click the link in the email
  • Add the WVAFF2020 video to your cart
  • While in the cart, add your coupon code and then proceed to checkout
  • Once the coupon is applied your total should be $0.00
  • Proceed to the Billing Information page
  • Complete the Billing Information and click on “Place Order”
  • At end of checkout process you can use the blue “2020 WVAFF Pageant Video” button to start your download or use the next step below
  • If you want to download your video at a later time, you do not have to use the download button on the checkout screen, you can wait for the confirmation email and use that link to download your video
Before you proceed, write down your coupon code
Before you apply your code, you will see a cost of $100
Enter your coupon code and click Apply Coupon then proceed to check out
Once coupon code is applied, you will see $0.00 for your total
Complete the checkout information page and click "Place Order"
You can also download using the information in your confirmation email